1. palomalucia said: I really want to do what you do when I grow up! I love your work, how did you get to where you are now? (university, first job, experience, inspiration, etc.) Thanks a lot and keep doing what you're doing! It's amazing!

    that’s really kind, thank you. i’m just gradually uploading work from the past few years. our most recent stuff is online at electricangel.co.uk

    i’m in the uk and left art college at 19. it wasn’t as essential to go to university back then - many people went straight into a job after a couple of years at college. i worked as an in-house designer for several education institutions for about 10 years, then started my own business.

    it’s hard work and sometimes hard to make good money with many of the clients we work for because they rarely have large budgets but that is our choice - we have consciously turned down potentially lucrative work because it didn’t fit with our ethical stance.

    but the job satisfaction is great and pretty much everything we work on now is a job i would have listed as a ‘dream job’ 12 years ago when we started electric angel. it’s rewarding when people tell you how pleased they are with the work you’ve done for them.

    plus being self-employed gave us the freedom to move to live at the coast. some of these things are worth more than the money.

    inspiration - i often find creatives from other disciplines inspiring rather than fellow designers. old guys would include eric gill for his purity of work and his ideology (not a great role model as a human being though…). also david hockney for his desire, enthusiasm and bravery to pursue a vision across lots of different media. and just seeing people i know explore ideas and create beautiful stuff is a big inspiration. having friends and colleagues who are creative who you can have fantastical conversations with is important i think.

    thanks for getting in touch i wish you every success in your studies and career.

  2. interpretation panels for the exhibition ‘name to a face’ . wall paintings by sarah venus

    [ client: scarborough museums trust ]

  3. activity guide for an exhibition of painted and photographic portraits . when completed the guide can be taken home and converted into a pinhole camera

    [ client : scarborough museums trust ]

  4. exhibition combined leaflet-poster incorporating exhibition activity . illustration by sarah venus

    [ client: scarborough museums trust ]

  5. summary of the achievements of scarborough’s renaissance programme.

    [ client: scarborough’s renaissance / yorkshire forward ]

  6. invitation for the exhibition ‘bridge’ at our tiny gallery

  7. legacy report pack for tate-funded project enabling young adults to be involved in curation of art exhibition at the ferens gallery, hull

    [ client: ferens gallery, hull ]

  8. mirror-finish posters for sculpture exhibition

    [ client: scarborough museums trust ]

  9. exhibition leaflet-poster incorporating activities for children

    [ client: scarborough museums trust ]

  10. scarborough literature festival main image and brochure

    [ client : north yorkshire county council ]